RETURNING! Poster Sessions!!

General Information and FAQs

Nancy Marks ([email protected])  will be the primary contact from the time of acceptance until the conference.

Poster Session Description and Tips

A poster session provides an opportunity to discuss your topic with peers in an informal setting, somewhat like an information fair. A good poster session focuses on one main theme, presents useful information, and stimulates discussion.


Instead of preparing a formal speech with accompanying graphics or demonstrations, you will prepare a display that captures your topic and ideas in easily understood printed text, graphics, and images. As conference attendees visit your display, you will have the opportunity to discuss your poster topic with them.


The poster session will be held on Wednesday afternoon from 3:30-4:30 pm.  Please have your display set up and ready to share by 3:15. You will find a table with a tent card with your name on it in the  main lobby.  Exhibitors will present their poster session from their Exhibitor table.

Oral Remarks

Prepare a few remarks that will welcome participants to your poster. Introductions are in order. Find out who they are, where they work, and why your poster is of interest to them. A short introduction of about 1 – 2 minutes can give an overview of your poster and begin the conversation. These conversations can be very interactive, and you can have live demonstrations of tools/projects as well as websites available with more detailed information.

Handouts and Website

Please prepare a one-page handout  (75-80 copies) that summarizes your poster and includes contact information, including a URL if applicable. Handouts may also consist of supplemental resources that provide more extensive or in-depth information beyond what is available on the poster itself.

You may bring a larger document; however, remember that most attendees prefer not to pack paper home after a conference.  We encourage poster presenters to build a Web version of the presentation that attendees can visit after the conference.

Please send your handout or weblink to [email protected] by February 11th  and we will post it on our website as well as on our conference app so participants will have access to it. 

What MCEC Will Provide:

  • 6′ skirted table
  • A limited number of easels will be available.

Poster Tips

    • Keep your poster simple and uncluttered. Be sure to use calm, contrasting, and complementary colors and enough empty space between the poster elements to make the layout easy on the eyes. Use only one or two fonts; do not use all capitals, which are more difficult to read.
    • Include a title, institution or organization name, and a very brief summary so that participants will know at a glance if your topic is of interest to them. Often the title and summary will be in the upper left-hand corner and the institution name in the lower right.
    • Make the text readable from 5 feet or more. Use bullets for your main points. Details can be included in your conversation, on a handout, or on a Website that can be visited during or after the poster sessions.
    • Make your poster visually interesting. Use color, graphics, photos, and other visuals to illustrate your topic (a picture is worth a thousand words.)
    • If you plan to use a laptop for demonstration purposes, make sure the participants will be able to read the screen. You may wish to raise it to eye level so that participants do not have to bend over the table to see the screen. Be prepared in case the technology doesn’t work.  Internet is provided.


Poster Session FAQ’s
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